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The government of Malawi estimates that more than half of the population is of working age. The Labour Relations Act (LRA), enacted in 1997, governs labour relations management in Malawi..

Labour obligations and rights are enshrined in the constitution of the democratic Republic of Malawi through the Labour Relations Act that was established to promote sound labour relations through the protection and promotion of freedom of association, the encouragement of effective collective bargaining and the promotion of orderly and expeditious dispute settlement, conducive to social justice and economic development.

Furthermore, the Malawi Employment Act was established to reinforce and regulate minimum standards of employment with the purpose of ensuring equity necessary for enhancing industrial peace, accelerate economic growth and social justice and for matters connected with employment in Malawi.

The Labour Relations Act and the Employment Acts covers all labour issues in Malawi in more detail. To access or download the Acts please click on a link below .