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In actively promoting business investment in Malawi, MITC provides a range of services, which include:
Project Appraisal
  • Scientifically analyzing prospective project viability in financial, cost-benefit, social and environmental terms.
Site Identification and Evaluation (Under the auspices of the Lands Specialist within the One Stop Service Centre)
  • Undertaking the coordination, pre-planning and evaluation of sites and post site visits
Business Permits (under the auspices of the Immigration specialist within the One Stop Service Centre)
  • Processing Business Residence Permits and Temporary Employment Permits applications and approvals
Joint Venture Facilitation
  • Sourcing of joint venture partners, domestic and foreign for both Malawian and international companies
General Business Advice
  • Providing wide range investment advice regarding locations, business conditions, labour practices and business services
Business Retention and After Care services
  • Facilitating local and foreign business retention, expansion and aftercare services
  • Marketing of investors’ and exporters’ incentives
Inward and outward investment promotion missions
  • Hosting and coordinating inbound foreign and local business delegations and undertaking outbound missions promoting Malawi as an ideal investment and trade destination
Project Profiling
  • Profiling local project-based investment opportunities through local and international exhibitions, seminars and conferences
In its promotion of export trade opportunities, MITC offers exporters a bouquet of services, which include:
Export Development
Capacity building programs detailing:
  • Export registration requirements
  • Trade agreement compliance requirements
  • Export incentive schemes
  • International marketing
  • Customs requirements compliance
Market intelligence, ensuring the obtaining of sufficient information about particular export markets, including:
  • The source of present products and services
  • Product and Country-specific features
  • Government regulations
  • Potential buyers
  • Exploring business opportunities for exports in specific markets 
Market intelligence, ensuring the obtaining of sufficient information about particular local manufacturers, including:
  • Exporter Deatils
  • Product descriptions:
  • Company profiles and marketing materials
Export Promotion
Market Development programmes, facilitating trade promotional programmes designed to bring willing buyers and willing sellers into contact with one another including:
  • National exhibitions
  • Outward selling missions
  • Inward buying missions
  • Intra-trade business to business facilitation
  • Product and market development
  • National and regional trade fairs
  • Industrial assessments
  • Investment and Export products profiling
  • Facilitation of investment processes for potential investor
  • Providing aftercare exporters