Malawi Investment and Trade Centre MITC has registered investment pledges worth US$368,000,000 within the first half of 2015. According to MITC’s Public Relations Manager, Deliby Chimbalu the investment pledges are from 41 companies that the institution has registered so far within the One Stop Service Centre setup.

“At the moment our records indicate that 41 companies have been issued with investment certificates since January this year. These companies have pledged investment projects worth US$ 368,435,487. This is an 8 percentage increase as compared to the same period last year where we had recorded investment pledges worth US$ 304,711,500 ’’ explained Chimbalu. In terms of employment the registered companies have pledged to create jobs for about 6800 people. Again this is an increase from last year where the figure was 4897. Chimbalu further said that this year Malawi is more likely to register more investment pledges as some investments worth over US$1 billion were secured during the recent Malawi Investment Forum. On the trade side, The Malawi Investment and Trade Centre facilitated the participation of 10 Malawian companies at this year’s Zimbabwe International Trade Fair, which saw Malawian companies securing export orders of worth US$ 23,930,454 to the Zimbabwe market. MITC continues to obtain market intelligence, ensuring the obtaining of sufficient information about particular export markets to benefit local exporters.