Brazil, one of the leading coffee producers in the world has exported 3.14 million 60-kilo bags of green coffee in November 2015, following closely behind upwardly revised October total shipments of 3.15 million bags.  Arabica accounted for the bulk of shipments at 2.84 million bags in November, up 14% from a year ago and up 1% from October.

According to CECAFE, Brazil’s main Arabica growing areas in South Minas and Sao Paulo are still recovering from an early 2014 drought.  Rains during recent months of flowering and fruit formation are likely to make for a big harvest in mid-2016.

Total coffee exports, including roasted and soluble, over the past 12 months remained strong at 36.74 million bags equivalent, up 1.5% from the year ending in November, CECAFE said. 

MITC, 11th December 2015