The Australian Macadamia Society has announced that the final 2015 crop figure represents a 10% increase on last year’s crop with 48,300 tonnes-in-shell at 10% moisture (45,100 tonnes-in-shell at 3.5% moisture).  It says that around 25% of the crop (13,100 tonnes at 10% moisture/12,250 tonnes at 3.5% moisture) has been sold as in-shell and kernel production is 10,500 tonnes.  In addition, processing companies are reporting good kernel quality overall, despite some regional variations.

According to the Society, these excellent results have been attributed to good, dry harvest conditions, a long harvest season which continued well into September, and strong global pricing.  The Australian industry has also seen unprecedented levels of investment from both growers and processors in the fields of productivity by the growers and new technology by the processors.  The industry is also supported by a multimillion dollar research and development programme that is reputed to be the best in the world.

MITC, 11th December 2015