Mexico has experienced a reduction in sugar production on lower harvested area, the Public ledger can confirm. According to recent figures, Mexico has reportedly produced 184, 961 tonnes of sugar during the week ending Jan 2, 2016 down from 195,154 tonnes in the previous week and also below 202,949 produced in the corresponding week in 2015.

According to industry data presented, weak sugar extraction rate in the 2015 / 16 season has brought down the total sugar production from 1.129 million tonnes to 977,956 tonnes produced by the same time a year ago. Sources further report that Cane crushing is lagging the year-ago pace significantly at 10.043 million tonnes compared with 11.120 million tonnes by the same time a year ago.

However, cane yield are up at 81.53 tonnes per hectare compared with 78.69 tonnes a year ago, but the sugar extraction rate is down at 9.74% from 10.16%. This results in a sugar yield per hectare of 7.94 tonnes so far in the season, down slightly from 7.99 by the same time a year ago.