CHAI Bora Tanzania has applauded the government's efforts in supporting local industries and farmers in producing quality tea.
Speaking yesterday in Dar es Salaam during the 44th International Trade Fair in Dar es Salaam, Chai Bora's Marketing Manager, Ms Awatif Bushiri said the efforts made by the government in support of local industries has upgraded farmers and enabled industries to produce quality products with added value as Chai Bora's company did.
"As evident from this year's theme, Industrial Economy for Employment and Sustainable Trade, the government has created conducive environment for the country to reach the middle-income economy through Industrialisation.
"We thank our government for its efforts in promoting local industries through various platforms. As a company that also focused on the export market, selling across the border in Kenya, South Africa, UAE, Rwanda and Ghana, this platform is one of the many ways we expand our product destination", said Awatif.
She said agriculture is an important sector as the country heads towards robust industrial economy.
Almost 75 percent of the workforce lives in rural areas and the majority of them are involved in the farming sector, contributing to about 50 per cent of the country's GDP.
Chai Bora takes pride in being a household item, and more for creating a source of income to not only people employed in their factory but also to farmers who are the main supplier of the company's raw materials.
Ms Bushiri added that despite the recent coronavirus crisis, we are happy that the government continues to promote local industries through platforms such as Sabasaba exhibition while continuing to take caution against the pandemic.
"The current trends in agriculture offer a huge opportunity to support the industrialisation vision and create income for the majority.
"Agriculture already accounts for a large portion of the country's exports, and there's room to grow," she said.
Ms Bushiri urged other local producers to use the 44th International Trade Fair to explore opportunities to sell products beyond the country and we encourage Tanzanians to buy local products," she explained that.
Chai Bora Limited started in 2006 as an independent firm. Chai Bora blends, packs and makes high quality brands while creating meaningful employment opportunities in Tanzania and the region.
Chai Bora has just been acquired by Catalyst Principal Partners and the company has a vision to create the leading beverage business in Tanzania with presence in SADC region.