THE government said yesterday that it is finalizing some amendments in the Non Citizens (Employment Regulation) Act, 2015, purposely to open up doors for foreign investors to operate efficiently and boost investment in the country.
Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa said in Parliament that the government has set priorities in various areas citing investment, developing skills, agriculture, environment and Population and Housing Census among others to boost economic growth in the country.
The list also included improving petty traders' sector and providing them with identification cards, ensuring constant supply of medicines and medical equipment, universal health insurance and many other That was when the leader of 'Government Business,' in the House was winding up the parliament session, adding that on investment, the government was working hard to address all challenges, which delay investment development in the country.
Elaborating, the Premier said wooing of investors was one of major issues that were raised during the budget session, and that the government has considered all contribution from Members of Parliament on the matter.
"I would like to inform the Parliament that the government is finalizing procedures for major changes to create friendly environments for investors to set up businesses easily in the country," he pointed out.
Equally, the Prime Minister noted that the government has already met and collected opinions from various stakeholders to be discussed and accommodated in the new document.
"We have involved Trade Union Congress of Tanzania (Tucta), Association of Tanzania Employers (ATE), the Confederation of Tanzania Industries (CTI) and Tanzania Private Sector Foundation (TPSF), our aim is to ensure all challenges are addresses," he said.
Mr Majaliwa told the Parliament that the government has so far, managed to identify areas that were causing challenges and thus affecting investment activities in the country.
"We have identified all challenges areas and our focus now is to clear the situation," he said.
Apart from focusing on amending the Act, the Premier said the government has started applying the Online Work Permit Application and Issuance System (OWAIS) since April 23, this year, adding that during the pilot study; at least 500 applications have been attended in the new system.
"We are continuing to receive opinions from our clients on the effectiveness of the new system for improvements, which is set for official launch in August, this year," he said.
Elaborating, he said the new system has reduced the time for processing work permit from 14 days to three days. On health sector, Mr Majaliwa said the government has continued to maintain the availability of medicines in various health facilities countrywide.
He said the availability of 312 types of essential drugs has reached 75.6 percent and that the government has provided 191bn/- for purchasing them, estimated as 95.5 per cent of the funds being allocated to them.
He said the government through the 2021/22 budget has set strong strategies that will lead to the improvement of health sector, where so far only 8,224,271 of Tanzanians (14.7 per cent) have access to health services through Health Insurance.
In doing so, the government in its capacity has ensured that more Tanzanians acquire National Insurance Fund for reliable and quality health services.
On agriculture sector, the Premier said at least 4,616 Tanzanians are beneficiaries of skilled agriculture programme in five regions of Dar es Salaam, Singida, Tabora,Arusha and Coast. Hence, he ordered the Ministry of Agriculture to ensure availability of wheat and grapes seeds as well as others and fertilizers are availed to boost agriculture growth in the country.
Moreover, the Prime Minister said the government is focusing on making improvements on petty traders' identification cards, as well as improving and protecting environment so that all sectors benefit for the mutual development of the nation.
From March 30, 2021, the Parliament among other things received President Samia Suluhu Hassan, who addressed them especially in April 22, 2021. In her speech, the Head of State revealed her major focus, which included boosting the investment sector to raise economic growth in the next five years.
Moreover, the Parliament has passed the Financial Bill 2021, the Written Laws (Miscellaneous Amendments) Act, 2021.The Bill proposed amendment of three laws, namely the Interpretation of Laws Act, Cap.1, the Land Disputes Courts Act, Cap. 216 and the Magistrates' Courts Act, Cap. 11.
Also the Bill of amendments for the Road Traffic Bill 2021 was read in the House for the first time, as well as the house passing the third five year national development plan.