10 reasons to invest in Malawi

  • 1

    Streamlined Investment Establishment Procedures

    Malawi operates the One-Stop Service Centre through MITC, where investors get all necessary investment- processing requirements under one roof in just under five days.
  • 2

    Political Stability & Security

    Malawi has no history of civil war and has a vibrant democracy

  • 3

    Liberalised Economy & Political Commitment

    Market-determined interest rates and floating exchange rate. Government Support towards private sector growth and development through reforms and strategic co-investments and turn-key projects.

  • 4

    Competitive Labour Market

    Malawi prides itself on its large, highly educated, skilled, hardworking, trainable English speaking workforce trained within the country and in institutions around the world.
  • 5

    Preferential Access to Markets

    Malawi is signatory to a number of multilateral and bilateral trade agreements as part of its trade policy. These provide preferential access to world markets under COMESA, SADC, EU and AGOA.
  • 6

    Untapped Investment Opportunities

    Malawi is a gold mine, flooded with untapped economic opportunities waiting to be explored. Potential opportunities for investment abound, particularly in the following sectors: agriculture, energy, mining, manufacturing, infrastructure development/ICT, Tourism and finance.
  • 7

    Investor-Friendly Climate

    Malawi offers an increasingly attractive destination for foreign investors, with competitive investors' tax incentives package. The country is party to investor protection agreements and is becoming the most competitive place to do business in the region.
  • 8

    Ease of Access

    Malawi has modern telecommunication, daily flight connections and access to regional and international markets.
  • 9

    Growing Economy

    The country has been showing an upward trend in economic growth since 2007.
  • 10

    Developing Infrastructure

    Malawi has seen tremendous infrastructure development in the last ten years in sectors such as transport, property development and ICT.