Aftercare Services

Through our Investor Service Section, Malawi Investment and Trade Centre provides you with aftercare services to assist  investors when an investors certificate has been approved and the investor has been assisted in all the areas requiring assistance, for example:-  on land allocation from Ministry of Lands,  processing of BRP’s and TEPs and other assistance that may be necessary. When an investment certificate has been issued, after some time there is need to visit the investor for an aftercare service.

Aftercare Services
  • Advisory services
  • Creating business linkages
  • Creating new leads for a foreign firm expansion
  • Fast track land acquisition and facilitation
  • Encouraging, attracting and retaining investments
  • Problem Solving/Highlighting for policy change
  • Real Estate advice smooth running of the business
  • prospects for expansion programmes
  • Advising the investors on new government policies and procedures and changes in policies of government which may affect the business,
  • When investors encounter any problems, Investor Service intervenes in the situation and solve the problems so that the project does not come to a standstill.
Investor Service and Aftercare are core activities for any investment promotion intermediary (IPI) competing for new investment projects or aiming to increase the economic impact of the existing investment projects.  
The main objective of investor servicing is to support new and existing investors that have already selected the location for investment and reinvestment. Investor servicing is, therefore, about supporting the investor while the project is established, providing information, advice and guidance throughout the process, and in keeping in touch to ensure that any problems can be identified early and addressed.

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