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Upgrading of Bunda Treatment Works and Installation of Malingunde Supply System

The project involves upgrading of Bunda treatment works and installation of Malingunde supply system. The scope of works of the two components is as follows:
Bunda Treatment Works
Bunda Water Works supplies water to the Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR), Bunda Campus and its surrounding areas. The activities involved will include:
    • Upgrading of existing package plant capacity of 1000 m3 to 2000 m3/day;
    • Upgrading of pumping system to convey water to Bunda Campus;
    • Upgrading of the existing pumping main from DN 160 to DN 250, about 12 km long; and
    • Associated system interconnections to serve the growing areas.
Malingunde Supply System
The sub – system will serve the Malingunde Market Centre at Kamuzu Dam I with the following activities:
    • Supply and installation of a package plant of 250 m3/day
    • Installation of transmission pipelines and distribution network
    • Installation of storage tanks of volume up to 150 m3
    • Auxiliary building and amenity works.
Nature of plans that have already been put in place and milestones achieved so far
Detailed designs were concluded in 2020. Fund’s mobilization underway and project to be effective end of June 2022.
Project Objectives
To increase the capacity of the treatment works from 1,000 m3/day to 2,000 m3/day to supply potable water to un-served population supplied by Bunda Plant and to install Malingunde Supply System using a package plant of 250m3/day

Actual location of Project
The project is located in the Central Region of Malawi (Lilongwe City). All the activities shall be implemented within the water supply area of Lilongwe Water Board (Lilongwe City and other surrounding areas).
Strengths of the project location
Lilongwe is the capital city of Malawi and hence it is a necessity that it has reliable water supply services.
Give specific details of the products that the project currently produces or services that it presently offers
    a) Upgraded treatment Works
    b) Malingunde Water Supply System
    c) Improved health and livelihood of 12,000 people having access to clean water
    d) Growth in business for the market center
    e) Improved sense of belonging and ownership of Malingunde dam by community thereby enhancing catchment management

The product/services that the proposed project will offer is potable water supply. The market being targeted by the project is local community, Lilongwe City and Peri – Urban community; residential, commercial / industrial and institutional establishments. The raw materials for the project include chemical for water treatment, pipes and fittings and power (ESCOM and petroleum products) that will be sourced locally and imported.

The project promoters are looking for funding amounting to US$5 Million
The project promoter is looking for debt or equity partner. The preferred mode of undertaking the project is turnkey

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Contact person: Silli Mbewe, Acting General Manager
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