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Construction of Affordable Housing for Civil Servants

The Public Servants Housing Project aims at addressing the above challenge through delivery of adequate, affordable and quality housing for public servants. The houses are expected to be financed by both local and international private investors on a Build and Transfer (B&T) framework. The international investors will however be encouraged to partner with local investors. The major vehicle for individuals to buy houses will be a rent-to-buy arrangement. The payment of the purchase price will be done once off by banks, schemes or individuals. With this arrangement, monthly rent deductions from the payroll, at source will be installments for the purchase of the house for a long period of time up to 30 years through bank mortgages or schemes established at beneficiary’s work places.   
Project Objectives
The overall programme goal is to increase access to decent and affordable housing units in urban areas, through the construction of houses and, office and business buildings to meet current and future demand.
The objectives of the project being proposed are to enable Public Servants, buy or rent houses through Build and Transfer (B&T) Framework, promote home ownership and economic empowerment among Malawians, to promote both local and foreign private sector investment through the built industry, increase the housing stock thereby improving asset value of Malawi as a country, improve and uplift the outlook of urban centres and to contribute to job creation   
The project be implemented in all the regions across the country. The specific location will be determined by the Ministry of Lands. Much as it would be good to see beneficiaries acquiring these houses in areas close to their work places, they would be allowed to buy the project’s house from anywhere.
The purpose of this project is to provide low-income earning public servants with an alternative means of owning a house. Decent and affordable housing is a necessity. It does not only fulfill a basic human need for shelter, but it also contributes to the well-being of both parents and children. A decent and affordable housing improves the quality of life of residents by leading to, among others, a better health, improved consumer spending, increased job security, lowering risks of evictions and foreclosure, financial stability, increased sense of security and fostering greater self-esteem and importantly, increase employee productivity. In contrast, lack of decent and affordable housing can worsen physical and mental well-being, expose residents to health hazards such as unsanitary conditions, overcrowding, infectious diseases, poor air quality, toxins and allergies.
The total budget for the proposed project will be worked out. The cost is dependent on the feasibility study that will be carried out on the type of houses that the government will settle for.  The project is expected to be financed by both local and international private investors on a Build and Transfer (B&T) framework.
To achieve low-cost housing, it is envisaged that government will partner with the private sector through Public Private Partnership Commission (PPPC) in the form of public private partnership. The model would allow housing providers to access funding at lower interest rates and for longer terms
The project is at concept level with no feasibility studies having been done. However, Government is ready to undertake this project as it will help in meet the growing demand of affordable housing for its civil service

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