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Rehabilitation of Mzimba Turnoff-Kachere Road - PPP project

Project Description
The project is owned by the Government of Malawi//Ministry of Transport and Public Works, Roads Authority. It is located Mzimba and Rumphi districts    . It involves construction and rehabilitation of roads.                           
Project Objective       
To improve trade and transport along the North South Corridor by rehabilitating the 146.7km road section from Mzimba T/Off - Kacheche.                               
Sector of Operation
Business activity surrounding the project location       
The road section is part of the M1 road which is key to the transportation of goods and services to and from the Port of Dar-es-Salaam. Within its immediate catchment area, the road serves agribusiness activities including honey and Timber production in Chikangawa forest.   
Project Benefit
The project will reduce travel time and costs in line with Malawi Growth and Development Strategy Key Performance Area IV on Transport and ICT infrastructure. It will improve safety and facilitate international trade and transport along the North South Corridor.   
Project cost
MK 100 million   
Mode of Partnership
The projects requires financing.                               
Project Feasibility                                           
A feasibility report is available, technical designs were completed and environmental impact assessment was completed.                           
Financial Feasibility                                           
FNPV = US$77.24 million                                   
Internal Rate of Return = 36.30%   
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