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Upgrading of Kasinje-Ntcheu Road - PPP project

Project Description                                           
The purpose of the project is to reduce transport costs by constructing 45km road from Ntcheu - Kandeu (30km) and Mphepo Zitatu - Njezera(15km) thereby contributing to Socio-economic development in the district and the country in general.                             
Project Location   
Project benefits                                        
The project is expected to improve access and mobility to socio-economic services. The transport costs and vehicle maintenance costs will also reduce contributing to MGDS, National Transport Master Plan, National Transport Plan goals among others.   
Financial Requirements                             
Estimated capital costs of Project   
US$27 million                                          
Executing Agency
 Roads Authority will be the Implementing Agency.                                               
Project Feasibility                                           
Feasibility study, EIA and designs were completed.                   
Financial Feasibility                                           
FNPV  US$ 0.117 million                       
EIRR  12%           
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