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Upgrading of Chitipa- Llomba- Tanzania Border - PPP project

Project Description                                           
The purpose of the project is to improve access and to reduce transport costs to Chitipa and the surrounding areas by constructing 31km road from Chitipa to Ilomba.           
Project Location
Chitipa district                               
Project benefits                                          
  • Improved access to social infrastructure (schools and health centers), providing many benefits from increased education and health facilities and improved social interaction and mobility.                                
  • It will provide better access to markets by reducing transport costs, and by making it easier to transport certain types of goods (such as construction materials).                   
Project Cost
US$32 million                                          
Project Feasibility                                           
Feasibility study, EIA and designs are done.                           
Financial Feasibility                                           
FNPV      US$1.48 million                       
Internal Rate of Return    15.40%                           
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