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Signed on : 28th December 2005
Date of Entry into Force:

Key areas of the Agreement:

The agreement covers the following areas:

a. Import Duties for goods grown, produced or manufactured in the territory of the contracting parties

b. Rules of Origin

c. Standards

  • Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures

c. Non- Tariff Barriers

  • Quantitative Import and Quantitative Export Restrictions

d. Exceptions

  • General Exceptions
  • Anti-Dumping Measures
  • Subsidies and countervailing Measures
  • Safeguarding Measures

e. Trade Promotion and Facilitation

  • Facilitation of trade along common borders
  • Facilitation of transit trade
  • Goods in Transit and for exhibition and samples

Benefits to Businesses:

The following are the benefits to businesses:

a. Free import duties for goods grown, produced and manufactured from contracting parties resulting in increased trade between the contracting parties.

b. Elimination

c. No quantitative restrictions

Competent authorities for both contracting parties shall permit the import and export, free of import duties, taxes and other similar levies or charges, not related to the payment for service, of the following goods ;

i. samples of goods and publicity obtained for orders and for advertising purposes

ii. for experiments and research activities

iii. for the purposes of trade fairs and exhibitions

iv. for effecting repairs and which are re-exported

d. Facilitation of transit trade to or from a contracting party to or from a third country

e. Contacting parties agree to participate in each other’s trade fairs and exhibitions, trade promotions in their respective territories

f. To furnish each other, on request, with all necessary information concerning the possibilities of supplying goods originating from their respective countries

g. Trade promotion organisations shall cooperate and exchange information with a view of promoting and facilitating trade

h. Cooperation in curbing smuggling to bring confidence to the business communities of the contracting parties.

Key requirements of the Agreement:

The following conditions have to be fulfilled:

  1. Certificate of origin
  2. Compliance with international standards as well as importing country standards
  3. Use of international standards, guidelines and recommendations on sanitary and phytosanitary measures for agricultural and livestock products
Areas the Agreement does not cover:

The agreement specifies that the following are not covered by the present agreement :

  1. Products not covered in this agreement includes;
    1. Sugar
    2. Beer
    3. Coca-Cola and Schweppes branded soft drinks
    4. Manufactured Tobacco
    5. Refined edible oïl
    6. Dressed Chickens
    7. Table eggs
    8. Un-manufactured Tobacco
    9. Stationery excluding exercise books
    10. Petroleum products
    11. Firearms, ammunition
    12. Explosives

ii.    Subsidies

  • Subsidised products will be taxed

iii.  Anti-dumping and countervailing measures

iv.  Nullification of international obligations


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