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Signed on : 19 July 1990
Date of Entry into Force: 24 December 1991
Validity: No date (When either party can terminate it after giving 12 months notice)
Key areas of the Agreement:

The agreement covers the following areas:

  • Goods grown, produced and manufactured in Malawi to be imported onto South Africa duty free
  • All goods grown produced and manufactured in South Africa to be imported into Malawi subject to the Most Favoured Nation rate of duty provided for under column 6 of part III of the customs tariff of Malawi
  • Rough and uncut diamonds shall be exported to Malawi
  • Promotion simplification of its customs procedures with view to facilitate trade and tourism,
Benefits to Businesses:
  • Boosting trade between the two countries
  • Promoting value addition
  • The entry of all trade samples and transit through its territory of goods consigned to and from the territory of the other
Key requirements of the Agreement:

The following conditions have to be fulfilled:

Good shall not be regarded as having been produced or manufactured in

  • Benefiting goods shall be imported under the authorisation of Director General of Department of Trade and Industry in South Africa
  • Rough and uncut diamonds shall be exported to Malawi free of export tax provided they are imported for industrial use
  • South Africa unless the last process of manufacturing shall be performed in South Africa and as may be assigned from time to time
  • Malawi, unless at least twenty five per cent or such lower percentage as may from time to time be agreed upon between the parties in respect of specified goods manufactured in Malawi


Areas the Agreement does not cover:

The agreement specifies that the following are not covered by the present agreement :

  • Trade In Service


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