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MITC’S Investment Promotion and Facilitation function focuses on promoting investment opportunities in Malawi, attracting both domestic and foreign investments into targeted growth sectors, MITC provides a range of services, which include:

  1. Project Appraisal
    We analyze prospective project viability in financial, cost-benefit, social and environmental terms.
  2. Investment Certificates
    Processing and issuance of Investment Certificates
  3. Facilitation of Access to land for investment
    This involves site identification and evaluation, coordination, pre-planning and evaluation of sites and post site visits (this is carried out by the Lands Specialist within the One Stop Service Centre).
  4. Business Permits
    Processing Business Residence Permits and Temporary Employment Permits applications and approvals (this is done by the Immigration Specialist within the One Stop Service Centre).
  5. Joint Venture Facilitation
    Sourcing of joint venture partners, domestic and foreign for both Malawian and international companies.
  6. General Business Advice
    Providing wide range investment advice regarding locations, business conditions, labour practices and business services
  7. Business Retention and After Care services
    Facilitating local and foreign business retention, expansion and aftercare services
  8. Incentives
    Facilitation of access to tax incentives
  9. Inward and outward investment promotion missions
    Hosting and coordinating inbound foreign and local business delegations and undertaking outbound missions promoting Malawi as an ideal investment and trade destination
  10. Project Profiling
    Profiling local project-based investment opportunities through local and international exhibitions, seminars and conferences
  11. Company Registration
    Facilitation of company registration and incorporation
  12. Other Sector permits and investor requirements
    Facilitation of access to other sector permits and investor requirements

    MITC operates as a One-Stop Service Centre for business start-ups as mandated by the Investment and Export Promotion Act of 2012.
MITC’s Trade Promotion and Facilitation’s function is to identify market outlets for locally manufactured products, with a major strategic focus on discovering and promoting new products that are suitable for export.  Some of the activities include:

Market Intelligence
We provide market intelligence through various channels such as the Trade Information Portal; In-house Publications (Exporters Directory, Malawi Export Products Catalogue and Exporters Guide); as well as the MITC Business Information Centre-BIC.
We act as a focal point of contact on export markets as well as provide information on market analysis and provide advice on market opportunities.

Export Development
We nurture existing and potential exporters to become viable export entities by doing the following:
  • Building capacity of exporters
  • Linking exporters with support institutions including financial and quality institutions
  • Facilitating linkages between producers and processors
  • Promoting commercial farming and mass production in key priority sectors
  • Linking and working with key stakeholders including government institutions, NGO’s, private sector and cooperatives to supply export markets.
  • Facilitating development and establishment of rural commodity collection points (warehouses/cold-rooms)
Export Promotion
We promote the marketing of Malawian products and services to the global market.  We promote the marketing of Malawian products and services to the global market.  We also facilitate and organize participation by local companies in Regional and International Trade Fairs as well as Trade Missions.
Working in conjunction with Malawi manufacturers, producers and exporters, MITC actively engages in export promotion events in foreign markets, designed to advance the following objectives.
  • Expose Malawi’s manufacturers and producers to foreign markets and increase the number of exporting companies that export by heightening their awareness of potential export opportunities; training and guiding to their first export sales.
  • Promote Malawi products in foreign markets and increase export sales.
  • Train and guide existing exporters and potential exporters in consolidating foreign market presence and in product diversification
  • Penetrate new markets
  • Expand Malawi’s market share both regionally and internationally
  • MITC’s trade promotion programme aims to diversify and expand the country’s exports; training companies to be export ready, with a special focus on targeting sectors highlighted in the National Export Strategy and identifying potential sectors for growth.

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