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Patridge Shycal

"MITC is there to help investors be it local or international, this is what we have experienced. When we came and expressed our interest to invest in the energy sector we realised that for us to be able to unlock all kinds of incentives we needed to register with MITC. MITC has spearheaded all our initiatives. It is a very influential arm of government, it is doing quite a lot and it helps both local and international investors to make an investment in this country"

Tanya Clarke

"Malawi has an incredible climate and an amazing people and I think if you are willing to come to Africa and embark on the adventure of investing in Africa, Malawi is the best bet. It is a peaceful country, it’s benign, the decision makers are easily accessible and people are easily trainable here. As an English speaking country for me that was important, I can communicate with my teams here so I think it is a great place to come"

Ngabaghila Chatata

"When you are interacting with MITC it’s like you have a big brother that is holding your hand. For us, beyond the international market linkages, they have also linked us with local buyers like Shoprite Malawi and we’ve also been linked to EDF. So they are the big brother that you need as an SME if you are on a path to grow"

Margaret Ngwira

"At Linga winery we value the relationship that we have with MITC. Through the institution we are improving exposure of our wines to regional and global markets through. MITC is also assisting us in building our capacity through several trade and export -related training sessions that they organize from time to time. MITC is indeed an essential partner once your business is well established and you have complied with the MRA and MBS standards and are looking to expand your market"

Fannie Gondwe

"I am into seed production and multiplication of cassava, orange fleshed sweet potato, and orange maize and soya beans. I have been working with MITC for many years. Through my relationship with the institution I have gained valuable knowledge on how best I can grow my business. I am one of the beneficiaries of the capacity building programs that MITC is undertaking to make companies export ready"

Bernamu Kanyenje

"We are very thankful to MITC for the support and guidance that they continue to provide to our association. Through them we have established several business partnerships with buyers across the country. We also have gained knowledge on export procedures and export market identification. We encourage MITC to continue working with farmers like us so that we produce quality crops for export markets"