Investment Infrastructure

Investment Infrastructure
Over the years Malawi has been substantially investing in its infrastructure outlay in order to facilitate ease of doing business in Malawi. This includes development of the energy sector through the continued recruitment of Independent Power Producers and enhancement works of the present power capacity, increased development of its water supply system and road network infrastructure.

Water Utility
The major five water boards in Malawi; Blantyre water board, southern region water board, Lilongwe water board, central region water board and Northern region water board provide reliable water suply to businesses and households. Water in Malawi is affordable.

Electricity Supply
The Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi- ESCOM provides power supply for major business users and all others including household electricity needs.

The Malawi telecommunications sector is at par with developing countries offering businesses friendly services, including reliable cellular and internet ser vices and other modern
communciation technologies.

Malawi is investing substantially in its transport infrastructure. The road transport network which is composed of 15, 451 KM handles more than 70% of internal freight traffic and 99% of passengers’ traffic. The Government is also expanding the country’s two international airports to accomodate more flights into the country. Besides, there is also heavy investments in the rail transport to facilitate transportation of goods along the Nacala corridor.

Financial Services Sector
Malawi’s financial sector has undergone a sig- nificant reform programme aimed at building a more inclusive financial sector, liberalizing and modernizing the financial system and opening up the sector to new entrants.

This has resulted in an increase in the number of commercial banks from two to nine, the number of microfinance institutions/lenders to fifteen, market-based interest rates, unrestricted access to financing facilities for both local and foreign investors and a man- aged floating exchange rate.

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