Launch of the WFTO Africa Kick-Start Malawi Programme

The World Trade Fair Organisation Africa (WFTO Africa) has launched the Kick-Start Malawi programme. Under this programme, the Scottish Fair Trade Forum in partnership with WFTO Africa will support at least three Malawian Based social enterprises to become WFTO guaranteed members.

Specifically the WFTO Africa Kick-Start Malawi Programme is looking to provide Malawian based enterprises with:
  • Hands-on support to selected enterprises to embed Fair Trade principles and achieve WFTO Guaranteed Fair Trade status.
  • Financial support to the selected enterprises to cover initial costs associated WFTO application, membership and audit.
  • Opportunities for the selected enterprises organization to build international trade links and a route to the Scotland Fair Trade market.
The programme is open to all enterprises that meet the below criteria:
Eligibility Criteria
Malawi based enterprises that:
  • Are already exporting or are at the take-off stage for export;
  • Are aligned to Fair Trade / are interested in integrating Fair Trade to their business practices
  • Provide opportunities to disadvantaged producers

Applicants are asked to complete and submit an application form, to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by November 7th, 2022.
The application form can be downloaded on

As MITC we are encouraging those that meet the stated criteria to apply. These are the kind of opportunities that will help us to develop our capacity in international trade.’

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